Considering the principles of cross-border co-operation and partnership of the South Baltic Programme regional authorities, economic development agencies and regional airports work jointly on the common goals of the South Baltic  Global Access Project. Based in Rostock, Bornholm, Växjö, Palanga, Klaipeda and Szczecin they exchange and jointly design feasible response strategies to safeguard and develop sustainable and competitive levels of accessibility by air.

The expected results of SOUTH BALTIC GLOBAL ACCESS will be:

  • Increasing accessibility and connectivity of the South Baltic by air,
  • Increasing regional competitiveness, territorial and social cohesion,
  • Enabling additional airline routes, hub connections and frequencies,
  • Raising passenger and tourists volumes,
  • Reducing financial burden on airport operators
  • Improving internal and external perception of the South Baltic Programme Area.


New route from Smaland Airport to Oslo

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New route from Smaland Airport to Amsterdam

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Final General Assembly

27 – 28 March 2014, Rostock

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