Planning Association Region Rostock

The Planning Association Region Rostock is a corporation under public law. It includes the hanseatic city of Rostock, the administrative district Rostock as well as the cities of Güstrow, Bad Doberan and Teterow. The association is responsible for spatial development within the region and thus also for the living conditions of 420.000 inhabitants, who live in 120 municipalities on an area of 3.600 For this region, which is the economical heart of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, it has developed the general principle to become a growing region on the Baltic Sea _ innovative-maritime-close to nature.

The main tasks of the Planning Association are to prepare the regional development program and to foster coordinated actions by the key actors to promote its implementation. It also issues statements of regional objectives on development plans. Above it supports the concrete implementation of regional planning by taking part in different international, national and regional research and praxis projects (e.g. INTERREG).

Regional Planning Association Mittleres Mecklenburg/ Rostock

Regional Partner

Regionaler Planungsverband Mittleres Mecklenburg / Rostock

Planungsverband Region Rostock
c/o Amt für Raumordnung und
Landesplanung Region Rostock

Erich-Schlesinger-Straße 35
18059 Rostock

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+49 3 81 33189459
+49 3 81 33189470

Partner Airport

Airport Rostock

Flughafen Rostock
Laage-Güstrow GmbH

Flughafenstraße 1
D-18299 Laage

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