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Alongside the Baltic Sea, on the beautiful west coast of Lithuania lies Klaipėda, the only seaport in the country full of commerce and culture. The seaport of Klaipėda is popular with investors and foreign partners because of its attractive and competitive conditions to develop industry and promote small and medium businesses.

Detination KleidedaYoung, pushing, liberal, open, tolerant, bright, ambitious, and perhaps a bit crazy – these are the words that are most often used to describe the city of Klaipėda. There are many who try to unravel the mystery of Klaipėda. How, in just a few short years, has Klaipėda been able to transform itself from being a grey and undistinguished industrial port, into one of the most attractive cities in the country, which is now rightly known as the capital of western Lithuania.

Tourism is becoming increasingly important to Klaipėda and its hinterland and major investments are being made to promote it. The newly opened passenger cruise terminal, close to the City centre, will bring increased traffic to the area in the years to come. Klaipėda will become increasingly important because of its direct links with other European and world-wide ports and because it is a sea transport centre, where regular shipping lines and fast modern motorway routes merge together.


At the beginning there was a sea and a coast. Then, contours of a castle showed up in the swampy ground, in the lower reaches of the river. And a windborne city – as open and unpredictable as the horizon – sprang up. This is the first impulse for creating, building and going into the streets to celebrate life.

Detination KleidedaThere is no other city that has so much space for looking around, for improvisation and creation. This is why Klaipėda is called "a jazzy city with striped soul". Artists who come from the seaside city are less tightened by institutional screws and more spontaneous: they also bring in some uproar to the cities life with their surprising projects. The cultural life of Klaipėda waves like a sea, too: here is an absolutely calmness and then a powerful wave come up, and then everything calms down again.

The cruise vessel terminal, situated within walking distance (800 m) from the city center and located in the very heart of remarkable historic old town of Klaipėda with shops, bars, restaurants, banks allows for continued good service in order to satisfy today’s traveler. 

Your shopping adventure starts in small streets of the old town just a few minutes’ walk from the cruise ship terminal. Antiques and traditional Lithuanian souvenirs of amber, wood, metal, leather and linen can be purchased here.

There are lots of restaurants and cafes around Klaipėda old town where you can taste Lithuanian national dishes.  All ethnographic regions have their own old recipes – soups which will warm up on a windy day, a lot of dishes made from potatoes, white curd cheese, which is best with honey and brown rye-bread.

For those who like beer, Lithuania should appear a true paradise as this country produces a great variety of high quality beer.


The first mention of Lithuania dates back to the mid-XIII century. The town of Klaipėda was founded in 1252. Klaipėda is a unique Lithuanian city by virtue of its colorful, turbulent and tragic history and also because the Old Town’s architectural style is similar to many western European cities with which it had close links. The history of the city dates back to the time when the Livonian Order built a castle called Memelburg. A town grew around the castle close to where the waters of the Curonian Lagoon flow into the Baltic Sea.

Klaipėda is now Lithuania’s gateway to the world and the capital of the west of Lithuania. It is a vibrant and exciting city in which to live and work. The City has its own university, which is a true scientific and cultural centre. The Lithuanian Christian College has just celebrated its tenth anniversary and goes from strength to strength.

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Klaipėda provides a wide range of accommodations. The decision is yours from 4 stars hotels to seaside camping or private accommodation.



Lithuania is an independent, democratic republic in Central Europe, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Independence was restored in 1990 and in 2004 Lithuania joined European Union and NATO. With 65 000 sq. km Lithuania is the same size as Belgium or Ireland. It has population of around 3 million and shares borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Kaliningrad region (Russia). Lithuania has a rich historic background, old living traditions, and unique natural beauty. In Lithuania amber has been adopted as the symbol of the country.

Klaipėda has a population of around 200,000. It has direct motorway links with Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius (310 km) and the second city of Kaunas (220 km).