Destination Bornholm ApS is the regional tourist organization for the island of Bornholm.

Our main objectives are to enhance and coordinate the marketing of Bornholm towards leisure tourists and partake in development of the tourist product in cooperation with local and other partners. Destination Bornholm has approx. 340 ‘shareholders’ and is partly funded by local businesses and Bornholm Municipality/Bornholm’s Growth Forum.

Destination Bornholm is a non-profit organization and all incoming funds are used for promoting the island as a tourist destination. Main markets are rest of Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Poland.


Bornholm, The Pearl of the Baltic Sea

Terminal Anyone who has ever spent their holidays on Bornholm knows that Bornholm is a great island. The nature of the island and its beaches amaze the visitors – as does the special climate of Bornholm. The island has more sunny days than any place in Denmark. Whether you want to stay in a hotel, cottage, holiday home, on campsite or in hostels you have plenty of possibilities.

Leisure facilities

Bornholm is the ideal holiday island if you love sun and beaches. Most of the shoreline consists of excellent beaches, and, if not a beach is near, you can also go swimming directly from the rocks. You can experience gastronomic specialties and culinary pleasures of high quality on Bornholm or go on shopping trips to the many different artists that sell own products from their workshops. Or, if you just want to experience arts and culture, it is possible to attend lots of galleries and museums.

Terminal A visit to Ertholmene is a must. Here the old fort built by Christian V looks almost exactly as in 1684. These small islands, Christiansø and Frederiksø were conservated during 1926 in order to preserve the memory of the past. In Rønne the original half-timbered house "the port smithy" at the corner of Havnegade and Havnepladsen is also a more than 260 year old building. Fishing can be done directly from the shore or in rented boats or your might rent even bigger boats for excursions on the sea. The Joboland provides entertainment and zoo for the whole family, and even if you want to get married on Bornholm in the town hall (or church) it is possible, and you might combine it with a tour in a coach. At the butterfly park you can experience lakes, small waterfalls, big plants and free flying butterflies and birds. Bornholm is also known for its alternative health treatment as f.inst. acupuncture, physiotherapy, massages and hikes.


  • Bornholm emerged approx. 1700 m. BC.
  • The first people settled on Bornholm approx. 10.000 BC.
  • Bornholm has its own king approx. year 800.
  • Bornholm became a part of the Danish Kingdom approx. 1000.
  • 1149, King Sven Grathe had to give 3 of the 4 districts to the archbishop of Lund in Bornholm.
  • 1327, Bornholm's fourth district was sold to the archbishop of Lund.
  • 1521, Christian II took Bornholm.
  • 1525, Lübeck of Frederik I bought Bornholm as pledge for 50 years for 158,019 Lübeck's marks
  • 1576, Frederik II took Bornholm.
  • 1653, in August the plague killed 5000 Bornholmer of a total population of 13.000.
  • 26th February1658., Bornholm is handed over to Sweden at the peace of Brømsebro
  • December 1658, Bornholmian resistance disarmed the Swedish troops and gave the island back to the Danish King Frederik III.
  • 9th April 1940, Bornholm was occupied by German troops like the rest of Denmark.
  • 7th -8th Mai 1945, Bornholm was liberated by Russian armed forces. Rønne and Nexø were bombarded. The Russians stayed on for a year.
  • April 1946, the Russian troops leave Bornholm.
  • 1st January 2003, Bornholm's 5 communes are united in one political and administrative unit: The Regional Municipality of Bornholm.

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The island has various offers of overnight accommodations. It is possible to choose between comfortable family hotels, different hostels, holiday cottages, holiday homes, nature shelters or even camping right next to the beach. Everything is possible on Bornholm.



At the spot where the 55 degree of the northern latitude crosses the 15 degree of the eastern longitude there is a granite stone with a cross. The Mideuropean time is measured as per the 15 degree longitude, which means that when it is 12.00 o’clock (Danish hour) the sun will be exactly south at this spot.